Face Lift

Face Lift


When time flies from 18 years to 30 years, we are in the age of the most attractiveness whereas our faces are full with fat causing our faces to look firm and bright. Our muscles are tightened and our face bones will be grown fully when we reach 40 years. In this period, we will find that our faces start to have some wrinkles because our fat is removed. Our skin starts to be dimed and dried. Our face muscles start to sag with explicit wrinkles on our foreheads with skin between nostrils. Corners of our mouths start to lower down with wrinkles at our mouths and jaws.

When we become 50 years old, our faces will gain more wrinkles because our facial fat, especially fat on our check bone, is removed increasingly causing our check bone flattened. Cheek bone skin will drop to be located over corners of our moths. There will be more wrinkles on skin of jaws, chin, skin under chin, and neck. There may be accumulation of fat under chin causing neck wattle and amount of neck wattle is based on aging.




แสดงการเปลี่ยนแปลงโครงสร้างของกล้ามเนื้อ กระดูกและฟันบนใบหน้า เมื่ออายุมากขึ้น


Facial structure has been changing since we were born until we are around 25 years old when our bone and teeth structure is expanded and larger upon the proportion of our growth. Simultaneously, fat is more accumulated on our cheek whereas large amount of collagen and skin water moisturizes our faces with the best flexibility. Therefore, the face of person with the age ranged from 20-30 year is considered as the most attractive face.



When we are older than 30 years, there are some wrinkles shown on various positions on our faces, for example, wrinkles on forehead, sagging of cheek bone (as shown in picture), deeper skin between nostrils, accumulated fat under chin and jaws, flattened bone and teeth structure causing molar teeth to be smaller and larger diastema, structure of facial fat and collagen is flattened causing facial skin to be dried and rough with lower flexibility, facial muscles are smaller causing sagging of facial skin.



When we are older than 45 years, some of us cannot accepted facial changes therefore they require facial adjustment for healing wrinkles and sagging of facial muscles as well as excess fat on various facial areas, for example, forehead, upper eyelid, lower eyelid, cheek bone, and jaws. Sagged kin under chin is required to be tightened and excess fat must be removed. Consequently, facial lift will help to reshape your face again giving you younger look than other persons in the sage age by 10-15 years.



Facial lift will help to solve the problem on sagging of forehead, cheek, chin, and neck that can be found in persons with the age ranged from 50 – 60 years and over. However, there are also some younger persons with such problem. Some of them may have accumulated fat on cheek and under chin therefore they require both face lift and liposculture. The result of this kind of surgery will make you look younger and brighter.



  • You are required to meet a doctor for consulting and planning surgery.
  • You are required to check up your health, blood, CBC, Electrolyte HIV, EKG, blood pressure, and diabetes.
  • You have to stop taking aspirin in order to prevent bleeding disorder.
  • You have to stop smoking 2 weeks before surgery and 1-2 weeks after surgery because smoking hindering blood from nourishing skin causing slow wound healing.


ภาพแสดงการผ่าตัดดึงหน้า และตำแหน่งแผลผ่าตัดการดึงหน้า


Position of Operative Wound:  It will be located over the upper hair line and behind ears therefore it will be invisible.


  • Face lift will be conducted under anesthesia provided by the skillful anesthetist team.
  • The surgeon will make a wound on your temple that is located above your ear level to your hair line and curve to the front area of your ear and turn to the rear area of your ear. Subsequently, the surgeon will rip out your skin from subcutis and muscles before pulling and adjusting subcutis. The surgeon will rip out your skin to SMAS (Superficial Musculoponeurotic System) before stitching and lifting your facial muscles.
  • Your skin will be pulled down to cover that would whereas the excessive part will be removed before stitching with a small thread of absorbable suture synthesized by non-allergic agent.
  • The surgeon may make a wound under chin for lifting neck’s skin.

Duration: Around 2 – 6 hours under high efficient anesthesia.

Postoperative Care

  • The patient has to sleep on high pillow for 1 week in order to relieve edema.
  • The patient has to stop all types of exercise that may affect to the wound for 2 weeks and the wound must not be exposed to water for 2 days.
  • The patient can watch his/her hair after 2 days of surgery.
  • After 5 days of surgery, total stitches off will be conducted with the wounds on the front and rear areas of the ear. After 10 days of surgery, the remaining total stitches off will be conducted with the wound located above upper hair line whereas the scalp is thicker than the skin of the front area of the ear.  Possible Problems and Complications
  • Bleeding
  • Numb – The surgeon must utilize efficient operative method with high level of carefulness because there are many important nerves on the patient’s face. If this kind of surgery is conducted carelessly, it may cause many problems on nerves.
  • Scar





(The results depend on the individual.)




(The results depend on the individual.)




(The results depend on the individual.)