Hair Removal


Does Laser Hair Removal Truly Work?

The current beauty trend makes women who want to be attractive and beautiful to have clean and clear skin without any hair. Some women may remove their hair through hair pulling or shaving because these methods are easy and convenient. However, the outcome is skin inflammation causing pimple and ingrown hair. Some women choose wax or chemicals for removing hair that may cause inflammation and irritation. Currently, women prefer laser hair removal and they use this technology continuously hair roots in such area are destructed and eliminated.


Currently, there are 2 types of hair removal:

  1. Electrolysis is inserting needle into each hair root and electrical current will be released to destroy such root. This method is quite pain and require long duration of operation because needle has to be inserted into each hair root. This method has the high risk on scars because needles are randomly inserted into hair roots therefore it may leave some scars.
  2. Laser hair removal is a kind of hair removal method utilizing heat from laser to destroy hair roots specifically because there are melanocyte cells that function as laser medium for absorbing laser to focus on hair roots only.

Fotona-XP Focus technology is Nd:YAG laser that has the wave length that is suitable for hair removal. This technology is applied to hair removal because it gives no wound with high safety. In addition, its standard is also certified to meet with international standards in Europe and U.S.A. (US-FDA). Fotona-XP Focus is a kind of laser that can be used for hair removal properly, safely, and efficiently. It is suitable for all skin colors as well as dark skin color without causing any wound or burn mark and leave only little pain. After repeating this laser hair removal technique for several times, all hairs of those body areas will be removed completely.


How long does laser hair removal take?

It depends on positions, for example, 2-3 minutes for armpits and 1 hour for back or shin.


What are factors required for laser hair removal?

It depends on colors of hair and skin whereas black hair removal will be more effective than light hair removal.


How often do I have to repeat laser hair removal for complete removal?

Laser hair removal will destroy around 15%-30% of hair after one laser and it generally requires 5-8 times of repetition to remove hairs completely. Laser hair removal should be repeated every 4-6 weeks with average number of repetition of 5-10 times. Some patients will have no hair left while some patients still have remaining lanugo by 10-20%.


How is skin transformed after laser?

Skin around pores will be red and slightly swollen around 30 minutes after exposing with laser but it will be recovered within 1 day. Cold compression will help to relieve burning pain without causing any wound and bleeding.


How to look after myself after laser hair removal?

Some soap or crème with irritation (e.g., Retin-A, AHA) should be avoided and sunscreen should be applied on laser exposed area. In addition, the patient should avoid sunlight exposure, too.

How does hairs after treating look like?

Hair will be slightly pushed to remove from skin within 2 weeks after treating.


How should I prepare myself before receiving laser hair removal?

One week before laser hair removal, you should avoid unnecessary outdoor activities and should not pull or wax any hair. If it is necessary, you can shave your hairs but should not shave any hair within 2-3 days before laser hair removal.