VASER- Assisted High-Definition Liposculpture (VAHDL)

                    Normally, metabolism of general people will be poorer when they are older causing accumulation of excess fat in many body parts, for example, abdomen, hip, bud, thigh, upper arms, neck, etc. This fat accumulation will change our figure and we will not be attractive and charming as we were young. Liposculpture and remove this excess fat but it is not considered as weight loss. Actually, it helps to remove excess fat from specific parts of body only.


Procedures of Liposculpture
The part of body demanded for conducting liposculpture must be specified. In the vent of one area with a small amount of fat, anesthetic may be used. In the event that there are many parts of body requiring liposculpture with large amounts of fat, this surgery must be conducted with anesthesia. Skin will be drilled as a hole with the size of 0.5 millimeter for inserting liposuction needle and fat will be suctioned by VASER. After finishing, such hole will be stitched with 1-2 stitches. The duration of liposculpture is based on positions and quantity of fat.

Postoperative Care
Elastic bandage
must be worn for tightening skin after fat suction for at least 48 hours in order to reduce edema and press the cavities caused by fat suction to be attached to one another without leaving any lymphoedema. Subsequently, you can wear elastic bandage for 15-30 days further for accelerating recovery. For better result, you have to wear elastic bandage while working or performing normal activities but they must not be violent and you should not move any part that is suctioned.



               Liposculpture is not weight loss therefore you are required to do exercise to get good result of liposculpture in order to tighten your skin without any wrinkle and sagging. After liposculpture, you will get a slim, firm, and attractive body back.

Liposculpture is a kind of surgery that has been highly preferred by many countries whereas liposculpture technology has been changed during these 30 years. In 1985, Ultrasound assisted lipoplasty or UAL was initiatively applied to liposculpture and the principle of this technology is a kind of lipolysis with specific frequency for each type of fat without damaging any blood vessel and nerve that is safer than the traditional liposculpture. After attacking with frequency, fat cells will be vibrated and broken before becoming fluid for suction.


VASER- Assisted High-Definition Liposculpture (VAHDL) is the use of VASER for conducting High Definition Liposculpture that can help to design muscles more clearly with lower tissue destruction and more gentle suction.

To conduct VAHDL effectively, you have to understand on anatomy of each internal muscle and external shape of muscle in order to adjust and utilize benefits of liposculpture for building attractive figure.

Qualifications for Receiving VAHDL

  1. You are required to have an appropriate body as follows:

1.1 Person who regularly do exercise and control eating but unable to remove fat in some areas after trying hard.

1.2 Person who irregularly do exercise with a small amount of fat and healthy body. Person of these two groups should have BMI <30. In the event that BMI is over than 30, it is necessary to consider case by case.

  1. Person who has firm skin.
  2. Person who has no underlying disease that may be dangerous for surgery.
  3. Person who does not smoke
  4. Any person who received liposculpture before may be able to receive liposculpture again but the result may not be good as that of person who has never received liposculpture before.



  1. You are required to consult with a surgeon and anesthetist.
  2. You are required to check your blood and health check up.
  3. You are required to take or adjust medicines as suggested by the doctor for preparation.
  4. You are required to stop taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, or herbs, because it may cause bleeding disorder.
  5. After surgery, you have to admit the hospital for 1-2 days minimally.


Postoperative Care

              After surgery, there may be some lymph ooze out from the wound around 4-5 days therefore you have to bathe the wound every day until there is no oozing out of any lymph. In the event that there is lymph ooze out after 4-5 days with pain, swelling, and redness, you have to meet with surgeon immediately.

After liposculpture, there will be swelling of such area that will be occurred around 3-4 weeks after surgery. Subsequently, it will be flattened and recovered within 3-4 months after surgery. You should wear Compression Garment for 3 months whereas you should wear compression garment 24 hours in the first month and only at night time for the second month and the third month. Wearing compression garment will help to accelerate flattening and tightening your body.    Postoperative care will include Lymphatic drainage helping to accelerate wound healing and reducing scars. For exercising, the patient is able to do exercise in the third week after surgery.


Possible Problems -   Problems that can be found after the first duration after surgery:

  1. Seroma: There may be some edema with lymph inside whereas the surgeon will drain such lymph via drain tube or enucleate.
  2. Pulmonary Thromboembolism
  3. Infection
  4. Anemia
  5. Hematoma
  6. Fat embolism
  7. There may be some burnt skin caused by laser.


Possible problems that can be found in long term after surgery:

  1. Fibrosis: It can be fixed by massaging or ultrasound.
  2. Asymmetries
  3. Poor healing