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by our experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeons and antitheists with safe techniques and modern technologies.


Consulting given by Specialists: If you are not confident with your body, appearance, or skin that is used to be beautiful but they are currently changed, we are glad to provide you some suggestions to solve those problems.


Plastic Surgery Provided by Plastic Surgeons: To receive any plastic surgery and specific cosmetic surgery, you have to choose specialists with long-term experiences and skills.


Plastic Surgery Standard: Since our center has been certified by world-class safety standard, you can be confident with our quality and safety for your beauty.

Plastic Surgery for Rejuvenation

Currently, the term “Plastic Surgery for Rejuvenation”, is not new for Thai people because plastic and cosmetic surgery is currently considered as a normal activity that can be seen generally. Since beauty is always important for women and their enemies are increasing wrinkles, plastic and cosmetic surgery is the best solution of this problem. Sagged facial skin or wrinkles causing aging look consist of eye wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, and nasolabial fold. To solve these problems, face lift is the solution and it is also considered as a kind of plastic and cosmetic surgery for rejuvenation.

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Faceoff Project by Dr. Xeping

This project was established for providing knowledge on plastic and cosmetic surgery to Thai plastic surgeons with skills, abilities, and world-class quality for building reliability to Thai people and foreigners. The result of this project will drive Thailand to become the hub of world-class plastic and cosmetic surgery.


We will gain the examples of participants of Faceoff Project with result and satisfaction towards plastic and cosmetic surgery as the models protecting Thai people from being fooled on plastic and cosmetic surgery conducted by unskillful surgeons on plastic and cosmetic surgery without certification on safety in international level.