Filler is a kind of substances injected into our body in order to fill missing fibers or deep wrinkles to be more tightened. Filler that is used by physicians and considered to be safe is "Hyaluronic Acid”or HA, for example, Hylaform, Restylene, collagen, and Juvederm. Hyaluronic Acid is preferred to be used and there are currently 27 million persons who are injected by this kind of filler. Since HA is naturally found in our body, it causes no allergy or side effect without requirement on allergy test.

     Besides collagen and elastin under dermis that are lower when we are older, it is also found that some areas of subcutis are also lowered or slipped or squeezed as deep wrinkles, for example, nasolabial folds, glabella, and chin augmentation, causing tired face and deeper temporal area, etc.

Therefore, to look younger again, these folds must be filled to be shallower. All persons injected with all types of filler as explained herein must understand that filler is unable to solve the problem on wrinkles for long period. When filler is expired, it will be vanished naturally. For collagen, it is found that it will be in our body for 6-8 months averagely while Hyaluronic Acid will be in our body around 6-12 months or over than 1 year based on its types.


Q : What are side effects caused by filler injection?

A : If you choose filler that is under standard, for example, liquid silicone, artificial fat, it may remove to any side of your face. If you choose any filler that is made by grinding silicone bars as shown in television news, your face will be distorted with some incisures and severe allergy.



Suggestion on HA Injection

  • One week before HA injection, you should stop taking any vitamin and supplementary foods.

After HA injection, you may find some red spots caused by injection or bruises for 4-7 days that can be hidden by wearing foundation.